Invest in the best of the Midwest.

Ohio Impact Fund is a $5M early-stage venture fund designed to uplift and empower Ohio’s most promising startups.
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Focused on the future.

Focused on Ohio's innovation-driven enterprises, the Ohio Impact Fund is an early-stage venture fund that uplifts and empowers impactful startups rooted in social, community,
or environmental causes.

Investing in impact.

We work toward a world where visionary, underrepresented entrepreneurs, dedicated to solving pressing social and environmental challenges, can efficiently access venture capital.

A world where investor returns not only flourish but  spark real, transformative economic and social progress.

What makes us unique?

Profit and Purpose

Unlike typical VCs, we focus on impact-driven businesses, driving positive change while generating returns.

Targeted Impact

We support startups in four key areas:
• Climate Tech & Sustainability
• Expanded Equity & Access
• Financial Access for All
• Good Health & Wellbeing

Measuring What Matters

We assess the real-world impact of our portfolio, helping investors see their investments flourish.

Investing For Growth

We fund impact-driven startups from pre-seed to early expansion, exchanging capital for equity, propelling businesses forward.

Building Bridges

We connect state-wide impact investment communities, building an ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs, startups, and supporters.

Championing Founders

Our support goes beyond dollars, encompassing mentorship, networks, mental well-being, and business tools for lasting startup success.

We get these questions a lot:

How can I invest in the Ohio Impact Fund?

We are currently raising funds. If our vision speaks to you and you’d like to have an impact with your investment dollars, please complete this form to get started.

I have a startup. How do I pitch my idea to the Ohio Impact Fund?

If your startup addresses social, environmental, or economic challenges in Ohio and beyond, we want to connect. Please complete this brief alignment form so we can learn more about you and your organization.

Do you partner with other organizations?

We believe in radical collaboration. The Ohio Impact Fund has a vast network of accelerators, incubators, and entrepreneurial support organizations.