Our Portfolio Companies

The Ohio Impact Fund invests in impactful startups
rooted in social, community, or environmental causes.

Aunt Flow

aunt flow logo
Dispensers for equitable menstrual solutions in workplaces and beyond.

BeEnabled: 119

119 logo
Empowering chronically ill patients with informed emergency care.

Conductor Solar

conductor solo
Unlocks mid-market solar growth, enhancing financing via efficient industry-focused software.


fleri logo
Creates transparent global healthcare marketplace, transforming cross-border medical support.


gifthealth logo
Simplifying pharmacy processes, cutting costs, and creating healthier patients.

Hyperion Companies

hyperion companies
Building the future of clean energy with regenerative hydrogen cells, fighting climate change.


inovcares logo
Fills healthcare gaps for BIPOC women, actively promoting equitable access and care.

OFFOR Health

offor health logo
Quick, affordable mobile healthcare for uninsured and underserved individuals.

Pay Theory

pay theory logo
Helping families go digital from cash for education and healthcare expenses.


Pegasus logo
Building the future of safe and sustainable student transport.

SHARE Mobility

share mobility logo
Breaks transportation barriers, widening job access through software.


W*nder logo
Sparkling beverages infused with vitamins and CBD.

We get these questions a lot:

How can I invest in the Ohio Impact Fund?

We are currently raising funds. If our vision speaks to you and you’d like to have an impact with your investment dollars, please complete this form to get started.

I have a start-up. How do I pitch my idea to the Ohio Impact Fund?

If your startup addresses social, environmental, or economic challenges in Ohio and beyond, we want to connect. Please complete this initial application and we'll be in touch.

Do you partner with other organizations?

We believe in radical collaboration. The Ohio Impact Fund has a vast network of accelerators, incubators, and entrepreneurial support organizations.